Student Work


Portraits of Phoenix 
Students are asked to engage their Phoenix environment to tell photo stories of the people and places that make our desert community.

According to Transportation for America Phoenix is the 8th most deadly city for pedestrians. Moreover, Phoenix's Indian School Road is one of the most dangerous streets for walking in America. Jaime Esquivel photographed this portrait series of the Phoenix pedestrians who have navigate these lethal roads everyday.

57th AVE and Indian School - Jaime Esquivel  2010

Environmental Cubism 
I-10 - Steven Bagby 2011
Guadalupe ,AZ - Rennee Dennison 2011

Teddy Bear Cactus - John Berring 2011

Organic Still Life

Feet - Megan Mcanty 2010

Alternative Process Portraiture 

Untitled -Daniel Johnson 2010


Digital Image Composite: The Mechanics of Altered Historic Realities.
Using the possibilities of digital montage, create a seamless, unified image that attempts to challenge or reenforce our ideas of photographic history as truthful portrayal of reality. Please incorporate at least one image from the Library of Congress online Photo Archive.

Surveyed Architecture - Sophia Rose

Old school vs New School - Garret Staehs 2011

Mystery Revealed -Alex Green 2010

Food Desert - Gerardo Lopez 2011

      Original Image
 Immortalized Artist - John Ariete 2011

This project explores existing public space and its use for the dissemination of information, both consumer oriented and ideological. Students were asked to use methods utilized by public advertising campaigns to display their vector based designs to visually communicate concepts of Persuassion or Protest, while incorporating 2D principles of unity. This project also evaluates time and visual representation in public space, highlighting the longevity of each project as it exists in frequently changing public sphere.

Is she Pretty Now? - Lindsay Kohl 2011

Caution - Toni Tsosie 2009

Impossible Reality: Stop Motion -To introduce the element of “time” to a narrative and to create an“impossible reality” by utilizing stop motion animation.

BackPack -Taylor Marquez 2011

Spider - Lindsay Kohl 2011

Snake - Khanh Lam 2011


Book Illustration Project - Class Project
As an effort to introduce collaboration across academic disciplines, in Fall of 2009 my 2D Design Course teamed up with a pre-med undergraduate student  to illustrate a children's book. The book - Curious Conditions -has since been published. In 2010, it won 2nd place in Bookmen's Book of the Year. Link to book here.

Artist Books - 2D Design
Students are asked to create an artist book depicting cycle. While the piece can be multi media, students are required to incorporated embroidery into the book project. Last students are asked to photograph projects for presentation.

Peace of Mind - Danny Mitchell